Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A Pair of Shirts


I'm not too bad at unselfish sewing as a rule: some friends get handmade birthday presents, the children in my life usually get cute outfits, and my husband gets the best deal. This time, friends, he scored very highly indeed with, not one, but two lovely shirts. 

I used a pattern from Burda magazine which I've used for making shirts before. This time though, I made quite a few modifications based on his favourite ready-to-wear shirt.
I removed the collar leaving just the collar stand which I made thinner. I also added piping all around the bottom of the collar. I didn't actually have any piping cord to hand so I used some woolen yarn I had from a knitting project! It worked out pretty well. It's not very rigid piping but you'd never notice if I hadn't mentioned it.

I also piped down the button plackett and around the end of the cuff. The cuff was smaller than a traditional shirt and although a I did a pretty brilliant plackett I just finished the sleeve with a little fabric loop and a button, as per the ready-to wear shirt.

whats a wee bit of wonky stitching on a cuff between friends?!
 I took some ease out of the back as it seemed much bigger than the original RTW shirt, perhaps it could have done with some more. However as this is a really soft cotton I think it wont really matter. On the second shirt I took out a little bit more as the fabric was stiffer.

 I'm kind of all over making shirts at the moment, there's some real satisfaction to getting a lovely neat line of top stitching and a well set in sleeve and collar. I even went mental and flat felled the seams in the second shirt! I think you sewists out there will understand the sighs of pure joy I gave when I admired those babies.

I finished the hem with bias tape which is a really neat little trick for hemming curves, especially on shirts which can be tricky. It gives a nice neat finish and some extra colour!

There is very possibly an Archer shirt on my horizon, inspired by some pretties from Rochelle and my new found love of flat felling!

He's happy! 

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