Monday, 10 October 2011

News on newness!

I started writing this and realised Sunday evening is not really the day to celebrate newness, it's an end kind of day, but I got a whole lotta newness to share with you and I just couldn't wait! It's now Monday, my pictures took a night to load! 

So what's new you ask? Well, firstly the sewing room has had a little make-over. 

I put up a shelf. 

Filled up some jars.  

Hung up some things, and gave this old beauty pride of place on top.

There is also some new art, a little bit of new fabric, and a new table. 


 More importantly there is this....

My new baby. Hello lovely. 

There are also new ideas bubbling and simmering in this head of mine. New ideas that I need your opinion on. 

Ever since Self Stitched September I have been thinking more about refashioning, re-purposing and recycling clothes and fabric. If we want to be truly sustainable we not only need to make our own things but also not use new things to do that. So, one idea that I've been thinking about is offering a refashioning class. You bring old, unloved, unfashionable clothes and we make them into stylish, beautiful, new clothes. 

A man's shirt into a simple skirt
And talking of newness, what's newer than a tiny baby? Which leads me to my next idea (seamless link eh?): a class for making baby clothes or toys or both. Lots of people have been suggesting they'd like to make things for the lovely babies around them and so I thought I'd help you along. 

Tiny clothes-cute!
My last new idea is a decoration class.  Not decorating your house, decorating your clothes of course. A class where you would learn to apply appliqué, some basic embroidery, attaching piping or cording and a few other tricks I have up my sleeve! 
Very simple reverse applique
Unfortunately there's only one of me so I can only start with one idea, and that's where I need you. It would be great if you would place a vote on my facebook page, leave a comment below or email me and let me know what you think. Which new idea is one you might want to try?

Anything new with you this week? 


  1. Yes. Great ideas. I vote for refashioning class. Just as soon as I've finished my current rather important project.

  2. Love all of them, they're all interesting and I'd like to learn everything really.

  3. jennifer Romanos10 October 2011 at 19:08

    Great ideas! But when it comes to voting, it is the refashioning class !

  4. Oh here's a suggestion for you: Quilts! I'd LOVE to be able to make those, I know I can have more than one use for them. It can't be so complicated, is it? Well for us beginners anyway.

  5. Refashioniong is a great idea and learning simple alterations in the process, like how to alter the waistband on a skirt or trousers or changing the neckline of a dress...

  6. Love the make-over!! and the little dress is just too cute!! Can't wait to have some free time so we can come over for a lesson!!

  7. I'm all for reconstructing and re-purposing. I have more than a few awful shirts I could make into bags or something!

    Also a class maybe focusing on how to do the finishing touches really well, like hems and stuff.

    Also, this may be off topic, but i would LOVE to learn how to make tshirt prints...

  8. PS: the upsidedown jars..... genius!

  9. Thanks for all the positivity people, looks like refashioning is the choice of the people so far...

  10. Wow This is great. So impassioned to visit you the soonest possible.

  11. I love this! refashioning sounds great! then so does a decorating class?!
    I'd love somebody to teach me how to sew!! (properly)


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