Monday, 20 May 2013

Tofino Pants

A little while ago something very exciting happened to me....I was asked to be a pattern tester for the newest pattern by the lovely Tasia from Sewaholic patterns. After I had bored everybody by telling them how cool this was and how lucky I was, I waited expectantly by my computer for the email announcing what the pattern was to be. I have been eyeing the Robson coat for ages, love the Thurlow trews and the Cambie is just brilliant- looks good on everyone. Living in the land of no post means I rarely buy paper patterns so getting one hot of the press from Tasia is a real treat.
When the pattern arrived in its pdf form I was slightly disappointed to find out it was pyjamas- I could make those without a pattern and instructions I scoffed with hubris. Not so, my friends, not so! This pattern is beautifully drafted and puts my self drafted pj pattern to shame. I never thought I cared about having a shapely bum in a pair of pyjamas, but now that I have it, I realise I do!

I printed my pattern, chuckling to myself about those who needed instructions for printing pdf patterns. "oh you pdf patterns", I thought "we go way back, you and I, I dont need to check the scale square." I cut into my gorgeous soft italian cotton, I sewed them up, following the clear instructions, I tried them on.....alas pride had struck once more. I hadn't scaled the printing properly, thus I had cut the wrong size, thus they didnt fit! Ahhhhh!
Once I had realised my mistake, and cried over my split italian cotton, I raided the stash for something else suitable and came up with some lovely drapey rayon, in a flowery print.

The second time round I didnt bother with the side seam piping, (I had done it beautifully the first time though) I just whipped up a size 12 and hoped they fit!

The pretty bow tie.
No side seam piping.

Said shapely bum!
They are perfect! The fit is spot on and the drapey rayon makes the ultimate pair of comfy lounge trousers.

I could probably even wear these out if I was so inclined. To be honest, I've barely taken them off since I made them, in fact just in time for me-made-may where one of my resolutions was to make and wear more me-made lounging wear.
My next version will be in a knit fabric for pilates, the pair after that will be another soft cotton, the next pair will be in flannel, the pair after will be.....You get the idea! They are comfy, cute, great fitting and quick to sew up (especially if you make the right size first time and leave out the piping).
Lessons learnt from this post: always check the scale square on pdf patterns even if you are a know-it-all and go out and buy the Tofino pants pattern right now!
What do you say? Are you a pyjama sewer or not? 


  1. Sorry you lost your Italian cotton. I'd be crying still. Your rayon pair is super cute and they look very comfortable but not in a baggy way. :) Nice job.

  2. Thanks a lot. You know what they say...there's plenty more fabric in the humungous stash...!

  3. So cute! Great pattern for looking stylish while lounging around the house (and perhaps running to the corner store!).

  4. they look really lovely - far too pretty just for sleeping in!

  5. these are great, i looove the print! if you made these in a linen or something similar they'd make great everyday pants.

  6. Totally....although with the amount I've been wearing them they kind of are everyday pants!!
    Thanks for the niceness.

  7. Oh I've been there, scoffing with pride at my apparent expertness with pdf patterns and made the same mistake as you! We learn, from now on I ALWAYS check that special little square.

    I know what you mean about the PJ pants, when I saw her email I was thinking, hmmm, how exciting could those be? But I love how Tasia has put her own spin on them, they are cute and very Sewaholic. Love the fabric you made your second pair out of, nothing PJ about wearing those around the house! ;)


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