Sunday, 11 August 2013

Another Cambie

I woke up with no plans: I had a quiet cuppa on the balcony with my cats frolicking around me and I thought what better a day than today to make myself a dress. So this Sunday, this beauty of a Cambie was born.

She is made from a lovely swiss (the fabric shop man told me this, it's a very random piece of information!) linen, of which there was only about  1.75 metres. I had to really mess around with the pattern placement for a while to get this baby out of it. The inside of the pockets had to be made of the lining instead of the linen.

I love this pattern. The lining makes the dress look so bloody professional. Yes it takes longer, you're essentially making two dresss, but its worth it to have everyone who sees it ooh and ahh, and obviously you have to show off the insides, they are as pretty as the outs.

What's that you see? Yes, ok, I didn't have quite enough fabric to make the whole waistband in linen.
 Sewaholic patterns are a dream, they fit me perfectly and have cool little tricks like the pocket piece in this dress. I think it's pretty nifty, you'll have to buy the pattern to see what I mean.

I pleated the sleeve instead of gathering it- the only change I made.
This dress is essentially the same as the first cambie I made, which was also blue...and flowery...and lined with the same fabric....That bad boy was made in a poplin which is amazing as it was free (!) and doesnt crease at all. This lady is probably going to be a crease monkey but so what, she pretty pretty. The linen here also makes the dress a little looser as it stretches out a bit, the first one was kind of snug-in a good way- and sometimes is a little tight under my arms. I dont think this one will have that problem. So, you see, it was a perfectly planned move to make two dresses that are almost identical!

The first poplin cambie

You may be thinking I haven't sewn anything up in an age, since this old blog has been a little quiet, but I have. There's been a couple of knit t-shirts, a skirt or two, one which I made a major fight with over the hem....bloody circle skirts. They haven't appeared on here though. However, since I'm sadly packing my bags (and bags and bags of fabric) and leaving The Old Fashioned Way school behind for a while I think I will try and get my own sewing posted up here on a more regular basis.

It's my birthday in a couple of weeks and  I'm hoping to get a tidy little haul of patterns as pressies...I promise I'll share!


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