Monday, 30 September 2013

Fall for Cotton

When this challenge was announced I was still sunning myself in the sweltering heat of Beirut, thinking, "fall (or autumn as it's really called!)?...nah, none of that over here". But back in London town autumn is making it's presence felt so a pair of trousers and a long sleeved top is definitely up the right alley.
I made the trousers from some sort of thick cotton twill, an almost denim like stuff. In fact, what it looks and feels like, for those of you that remember, is those Osh Kosh B'Gosh dungarees that kiddies used to wear. The pattern is the Ruby Shorts from Burda, which I've just extended into trousers. I've made the short version of this pattern before, as have many of my students, and it's just so bloody flattering on everyone.
 The side fastening gives it a vintage sailor feel, and with my love for nautical that wins out everytime. It is slightly annoying in that you can't have in seam pockets but well, some things in life have to sacrificed for the pretty. And these buttons are soooo pretty.

Pretty buttons.

I bought these buttons about 85 years ago from a really lovely vintage haberdashery in Hastings with my Mumma and have been hoarding them forever waiting to really showcase their loveliness. Their time has finally come! The only thing is I only had 6 and really I needed 8 so I decided not to put a button on the waistband and just use hook and eye fastenings. I think it worked fine.

The obligatory bum shot!
Just because I was on a roll and I thought why not, I also made a top to go with them! This is also a Burdastyle pattern (what is going on with the nipples in that picture!?) and made from some sort of jersey with a very little bit of cotton in it and much more polyester I suspect. It's ok, it's warm and a nice colour.

Don't ask me what's going on in that picture, my lovely friend who photographed these pictures insisted on keeping it in!
I did a little bit of a rush job with this top so I'm not entirely happy with the distribution of the gathers on the raglan sleeves, next time I make it, and I think I will, I'll make sure I take more care over those.

 So that's me, in my Fall for Cotton outfit, looking pretty pleased with myself! Who would have thought that shipping your whole sewing studio across the Mediterranean and decanting into it a box room would have made for a nice bit of sewing?
Let's see yours then? What "fall for cotton" pretties have you whipped up?

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