Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Sailor Jasmine

Like the wonderful Zoe, I have a slight addiction to all things nautical: red and blue are pretty much the only colours in my wardrobe, I love canvas shoes, I have contemplated buying this pattern more times than I can say (in the end, I'm cheap and it seems way too expensive), I even have a few pairs of knickers (that's underwear to all you non-Brits) with anchors on. So when I saw the Colette Jasmine pattern I immediately envisaged it in white and blue- who wouldn't? (If you picked red then you can be my friend too!)
Before I show you the finished garment let me just ask, who doesn't want to look like this? 

I mean, I know there's something wrong about it all: the patriotism, red, white and blue and all that,  the overtly sexualising of women to convince men that joining the navy was somehow right, the all-American nature of's all just not what I believe in. I don't know, I just can't help loving that 50's aesthetic, the pin-up style.

 Solanah is so pulling off that perfect sailor style right here...I need to get a hat like that.

And here's white, or creamish, with a blue collar and polka dots! Could anything make a person happier?

hmmmm i dont look very happy!

And I am happy with it, I am, it means I don't need to make a middy now, this covers it. It's just, not to be fussy or anything, I'm a bit annoyed with myself for not making a muslin. It's a bit big truthfully. Just slightly. I mean, I'll completely get over it and probably wear it any time I'm near water in case anyone asks me to be an actual real sailor, I'll be prepared.

My attempt at a salute sailor style...unfortunately for you my camera battery ran out before i had time to get truly into sailor pose mode!
But I just wish I wasn't so lazy sometimes. And I know I could take it in a little but you see I made french seams, and bloody hell, it's be a real pity to ruin those beauties. So this will have to fulfill some of my nautical fancies for now, I'd better go and make a pleated skirt to match it...if only I could pull off high waisted navy trousers, or even better shorts! Ooooo yeah, and that hat!

Readers, if anyone else out there has the same problem as me here are a few of my favourite sailor porn patterns!
40's sailor style
60's sailor style

Sailor trousers
A sailor middy

Look how happy we are to be sailors!

Fellow addicts, which is your favourite?


  1. wanted to post here too that I love this idea for the jasmine blouse! Hello, sailor!!!

  2. Thanks Debi, appreciated! I haven't seen you go nautical yet...maybe you should jump on the bandwagon??!!

  3. Ahoy!
    I love sailor style, polka dots, bows and vintage, your blouse has it all, amazing!

    P.S. Great blog!

  4. Oh my!!! i nearly fainted when I saw this post! Thanks for the nautical shout-out too!!! Your blouse is stunning, I'm going to come back and have a deeper look at this post when I'm not meant to be hanging out with my folks being 'festive'!


  5. Thanks Radka and Zoe, lovely to have you stop by.

  6. I would sy the wearing history suit and the trouser suit underneath.
    I have just got a 70s pattern that has a hint in the dress pattern, the flap at the back and a little bow, yeah I know little and the 70s don't really go together but its cute and on my list!

  7. I love the wearing history too! bows sound good to me, let me know how it turns out.

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    You should come check out my blog if you've got a sec (;

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