A little visual insight into what happens over here at The Old Fashioned Way

In beginner courses Ive helped newbies make: tote bags, zipper purses, pjs and sorbetto tops 

More advanced students have learn how to sew with stretchy fabrics and make t-shirts, dresses and maternity clothes with me.

I have taught trouser and short making classes:

And simple dress classes in a few weeks and more advanced dress classes in lots of weeks: 

I've had tailored shirt courses, 

and showed students how to take unloved tailored shirts and refashion them into skirts:

I have done coat making classes, that go from muslin to real thing:

And I've shown more experienced sewists how to make patterns for their own designs in pattern drafting class: 


  1. Lovely post! Just one question: How did you get Mondial and Zeitoun to pose like that!?

  2. They're naturals in front of the camera!


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