Friday, 8 July 2011

A little round-up

Exciting week this week what with appearing in the national (Lebanese) news! If you didnt already read it avidly and tell all your friends, here is the link
Other than that, dressmaking has gone crazy, with me knocking up two for myself this week and students creating some beautiful and advanced outfitsover the past few weeks...and not just dresses... shirts, skirts, pjs...all sorts.
So if you want some inspiration or just a sneak peak into The Sanayeh sewing Headquarters have a look at these pictures and then email me and say "Layla, please teach me how to sew!"
A third lesson dress that is getting a lot of compliments!  
Sassy little skirt from a homemade pattern.

A pair of pjs made to for cosiness or lounging by the beach in this weather. I would definitely wear these out!
A summery top with interesting asymmetrical detailing on the corner. Love the little tie straps on this beauty. 

And for all you beginners out there, dont be daunted or scared, you'll start small but it wont take long, I promise. You'll go from this  to that and more in no time.

Finally, if you havent already checked out this weeks dates do so and note that there is a Handbag/purse/manbag making class this Sunday. The last one was great fun and very tiring, hard work all round. So this time I'm splitting it into two sessions of three and a half hours. Come and learn how to put in pleats, inserted zippers, add hardware and metalware to bags and much more, all with the added bonus of homemade treats! Check out some of these students finished products to get your creative juices flowing:

 A pair of satchels - unisex bag making.

And finally...Two lovely oversized bags for overnight stays, baby stuff, or just lots of make-up and other stuff!


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