Tuesday, 22 November 2011

What's sewing?

Inspired by all the lovely blogs around me in this creative world of the tinterweb I have decided to start posting more about the things I'm currently sewing up. When I started this blog I thought it might bore people to see what I'm sewing, but as I got more into reading other people's blogs and motivated by Tilly's post I realised the thing I like best about other blogs is seeing what everyone else is sewing and getting ideas, tips and valuable learning experience from them- which is probably why one of my favourite's is the brilliant Sew Weekly. Also I'm hoping this may motivate me a little to finish things!
So here we go! I might cheat a little and give you a bit of a back catalogue to start with as I'm slowly wending my way into the world of jacket making and there are only baby steps being made so far (I'm a little bit scared and intimidated by actual real life sewing of coats or jackets!)
As there is a serious dearth of patterns here in the sewing shops of Beirut I mostly tend to rely on the trusty (but annoying) Burda, however when a friend goes back home for a visit home I get a frenzied attack of internet shopping and borrow a little suitcase space for them to bring me home some vintage patterns to fill a hole in my soul!
What's going on with her hand?

This pattern is one such score. Simplicity 4808. A perfect winterish dress (these are callled jumpers I have learned which is weird to us Brits because we call sweaters or pullovers jumpers, anyway...). I made it up in an amazingly vibrant purple feltish wool (I am rubbish at fabric names) which I think is 100% and which I got for an absolute bargain at a shop that was closing down. $1 a metre, oh yes, my friends, thats right. But I still made a muslin, proud of me? I was. I had to add quite a bit to the pattern as it was a bust 30, so I thought it worth making the muslin.

Buttons down this front placket right? I thought so too, just haven't found the "ones" yet.

I love it! LOVE IT! But there's more, the best is still to come. Okay I didnt line it (sometimes I have an aversion to lining) and I probably should have because it's a tad itchy (even though I will always wear and top and tights under it) but I did finish each seam with hongkong binding in purple satin bias tape. I almost think the inside is as nice as the outside! You think I could get away with wearing it this way round?
Pretty no?

I am definitely making this pattern again, I've even got some nice dark check/plaid thingy which I think would work for the fuller skirt version. I am more comfortable with a fuller skirt and at first wasn't sure about the tightness of this dress, I am trying to get over this by reminding myself that I look like Joanie form Mad Men (Ha! If only. Wouldnt life be better?!)

My attempt at Joanie...i have may the behind but unfortunately not the front of that lady!

And did I mention, I do love this dress!
How about you? Are you in love with the inside too?


  1. Wow - that looks gorgeous! And, yes, it DOES look lovely from the inside...

  2. Thanks guys, praise is always welcome!


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