Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Recent events

So what's been happening round these parts? Loads!
 My absolute beginners have been learning how to use the machine and been impressing everyone around them with pretty bags and zipped up things.
My advanced dress makers have finally finished their muslins, fitted them and have moved on to really making a dress from actual fashion fabric!
They're more than half way through sewing the bombshell dress and have (hopefully) learnt a lot of new techniques, been frustrated by tricky bust cup sewing, and are excited about the finished product that is finally taking shape.

We've done some embroidery round here too. A beginners class hosted by Denise Maroney was a huge success and hopefully such lovely stitch samplers will be produced again in another class.

The intermediate students are doing a great job learning to read patterns and sewing up a whole variety of sorbetto tops. 

And finally, and maybe most excitingly, the refashioning has taken off! My pile of shame which I posted about here is still as shameful as ever but my students have been making great dents in their own old and unloved clothes by turning them into brilliantly wearable or just totally different things.

Men's shirts were made into cute skirts.
Small embellishments were made to boring tops. 

Wide trousers were made into cigarette pants, dresses to skirts.


 And of course, I've been doing some sewing!
Next week The Old Fashioned Way will be calling on spring to show it's pretty face in a class where we make a dress in a day...and wear it, come rain or shine!


  1. You've all been very busy. There are some lovely makes here.

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