Thursday, 28 June 2012

A nice little score!

A little while ago a very generous friend gave me a lovely big stash of old sewing magazines that he found in an old house. I've always thought that one day, somehow, a haul of 50's sewing magazines would find it's way into my sweaty little grasp, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for a sewing and 50's enthusiast like me.
his was almost this moment. Most of these beauties are Burda magazines from the 70's, but there are a couple of gems from the 50's. 
The Burda magazines are complete with all pattern sheets and very limited instructions. I'm not a massive fan of the 70's myself but there were some things I thought I might make. 

This coat was one of them. I love the pleats on the back. This is definitely on the winter sewing list. 

I like these tops too, and the 70s turbans are brilliant! 

 And although not something for me, the 70's colours and stylings are great.

There were also some not so stylish things! Crazy lace-up shoes:

 Very German dresses!

Weird thigh length men's cardigans!

 And loads of naked ladies! Burda clearly rocked things a little differently back in the day.

 But the 50's magazines....ahhhh the beauty. Unfortunately, most of them are mail order patterns so I'll have to just drool over and stroke the ones I love.

Finally, I too, am having that moment of smug joy at the brilliance of the things I have just inherited! Jealous? I totally would be!


  1. I think many a happy hour will be spent looking through that little lot!

  2. Cheryll the wedding dressmaker29 June 2012 at 09:42

    The Blue and white number at the end is GORGEOUS how about making that one?

  3. SCORE(and i like the crazy lace up shoes)have fun

  4. I would have died and then cried. I actually love a lot of 70's stuff, but more the glam disoc stuff then the mid-70's post hippie vibe. Congrats! (and that jacket is AMAZING!)

  5. Oh what a wonderful collection. I am slowly coming round to the idea of 70s patterns. But you can't beat the 50s for elegance and charm!

  6. Jealous doesn't even begin to describe it. I found your blog by goggling "pile of shame". Trying to compare what others have. You know, you could take some photos of those magazine covers and put on Pintrest or tumblr. I know myself and others love just looking at the images. That way there might not be so much jealousy flying around ;)
    Great blog too!

  7. v v v jealous! I was hoping for a similar haul from my grandma who used to be a professional seamstress in the 50s and 60s. BUT when she moved she chucked all her sewing mags out! Can you imagine! I am so super jealous of your haul!

  8. Thanks for having a look lovelies. Cheryll- imagine the time it would take to sew all that ribbon trim on!
    punkmik- What? NOooooooo. I would have disowned her as family!
    I'll share the joy again soon and post some more pictures and would also be willing to do some pattern swapping if anyone was interested.

  9. Jealous, HELLS YES!!! Congrats on the major score xx


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