Monday, 11 April 2011

The new addition.

This afternoon at Souk al-Ahad I came upon this beauty! I've been lusting after an old one like this for ages now so I think it was fate that we were united amidst all the cheap plastic and flammable fabrics around us. I'm hoping to take it to my fixer guy to give it a good update and perhaps even put a motor on it to get it going at a modern pace. Although saying that, perhaps thats slightly sacrilegious and we should leave it to its old beauty and charm.

Zeitoun was pretty impressed with it as well.

So here's the new plan for this blog: I'm going to post every Sunday night (hopefully not always this late) and give you details for the coming weeks classes and if you really want to stay updated (and you haven't already-not sure why?!) you can sign up for emails (top left hand corner) and then every week you'll know exactly whats coming up and when you can get to meet the new addition to The Old Fashioned family.

This week's classes:
Intermediate: Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th 6.30pm-9.30pm
Absolute Beginners: Saturday 16th 12-6pm
Intermediate 2: Sunday 17th 12-6pm
Open Workshops: Wednesday and Friday (email to organise time)
For more details click on workshops tab or email me on

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  1. Lady, I knew you were a total clever clogs but HULLO? Had no idea that you were such an amazing seamstress and crafter. We are very autumnal in the mountains and I'm so close to putting my garden to bed, so sewing can begin in earnest! But need a new machine pronto...yr thoughts on overlockers? Worthwhile or rubbish?
    Hope you're well X k


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