Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Back in town!

I'm back in town and bursting with new ideas. London was sunny and hectic, (one unusual, the other the reason I had to get out!) but it gave me the chance to collect some creative inspiration which hopefully we'll put to use together.
On every corner in London is someone doing something I wish I'd thought of, so luckily I live here and can steal all those ideas and pass them off as my own! I came across a couple of sewing schools and classes that are essentially doing what I'm doing over here, they've even got the same titles for some of their classes. The trend for make-your-own is definitely growing and thats something to be happy about, more people are realising that we need to start relying on our skills and talents and taking the demand off mass consumption. The world can't go much further with the pressure we are putting on it, now is the time for us to go back to a time when we were more self sufficient, back to being Old Fashioned. And so with that in mind, here are the workshop dates for the next 2 weeks (these could change):

This week's classes:
Beginners Level 2: Saturday 7th May 12-6pm
Kitchen wear making: Sunday 8th May 12- 6pm
Intermediate 1: Tuesday 10th and Thursday 12th May 6/6.30-9/9.30pm
Absolute beginners: Saturday 14th May 12 -6pm
Open Workshops: Wednesday and Friday (email to organise times)
For more details on workshops click here or email me on

In the kitchen wear making workshop you'll have a chance to create aprons, oven gloves, pot holders, dish cloths and any other cool stuff you can use in your kitchen.

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