Thursday, 19 May 2011

Sewing frenzy!

If I've been lying low this week its only because I've been working the sweat shop non-stop! Saturday will be my first time selling at Souk El Tayeb, and since I had nothing ready to sell I've been sewing like crazy all week. Which is why my studio looks like this:
 and this...
 and this!
But the good news is that on Saturday I will have had a shower, tidied up (yeah right!) and most importantly have lots of lovely unique, one of a kind things to sell. Goodies will include aprons and oven gloves, beach bags, vintage inspired clutches, wallets, iphone cases (new addition), flowers of all sorts and much much more (but only if I stop typing and get back to sewing). As well as all that I will be selling gift voucers for sewing lessons and customised cushion covers.
Please come along and buy all your summer accesories, birthday gifts etc from me and not one of the multinational souless money sucking corporates! I am only me, they have an unfair advantage-I need you!


  1. How did it go, Layla?

  2. will you be at souk el tayeb every saturday?


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