Sunday, 14 August 2011

What's new pussycat?

A busy period here at Old Fashioned Headquarters: lots of classes, lots of sewing and some other exciting projects which will be revealed soon. But first a little show and tell of some of the beauties that were created by a lot of talented students.

Don was hard at work to cut pattern and finally produce a woollen (!) cardigan...unfortunately not to be worn for a few months yet, only to be taken out of the wardrobe and admired!

  From vintage pattern to confusing pieces to finished dress in just a few hours. No wonder Gabriella looks so happy- I want one too.

Lucy modeled her bright yellow dress on the summery balcony. Looks good eh? After way too many (!) alterations to the bodice we finally got it straight

Claudia burnt the midnight oil finishing off this elegant little number - very Audrey Hepburn I thought.

While Claire finished off this lovely summer dress with yellow bias binding for a professional finish- which unfortunately my rubbish photography skills do not demonstrate! Bear with me, I will get better, its a new camera.
And even after all the hours of hard work unpicking, re sewing, some people were still a little shy about showing off their finished creations- even though they looked great!

The Beginners produced the usual brilliance of the first bag.

And finally, this little guy turned up on the doorstep and wouldnt leave. Welcome to the Old Fashioned family little Pussycat- its still to be determined whether he can sew or not!

Classes are a little unsorted this week as we're still waiting on the London visa so may not be around for a while. If I'm still here, I'll email class times or email me.

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