Monday, 28 November 2011

The nemesis dress!

I don't refer to this dress as my nemesis lightly; many dresses, and other things, have been slow going, or left for a few days (ahem...weeks) and then returned to. No, it is not only these things that make this one my least favourite thing to sew... ever!
I undertook this dress a while ago as a quick project, I'd made this dress before, in fact, it was the first dress I ever made! The original still gets worn, I really like it actually...okay yes, the facing is really badly done and the dress is not finished inside at all, the waistline is a bit high and there is some loose stitching on the neck, but the fabric is great and I wear it often. Knowing all of that, I thought I could rectify all those mistakes with this second attempt.

The pattern is one which has no printing on it or other indentifyinf marks- pattern buffs out there?- so I dont know what it is. It came with this lovely old envelope full of someone's scrawl and promises the junior miss will be  "tall and slim and altogether charming" in this frock. What a shame I messed it up- so much potential right?   

The first problem I think is that I don’t actually like the colour: I choose it predominantly because I wanted to quell the mocking that comes of me only ever wearing/making red and blue things. The second thing that went wrong was that instead of just lining the top with the same pattern piece I tried to cheat and make darts not pleats so they didn’t match up very well.

 Other problems: the top was too short so I added navy waist piece, I cut the skirt lining too small twice; the sleeves are weird.

About the only good things about this dress are that I don’t need a zip- it passed the Mena test! Yay! It's also part of the sew grateful challenge that Debi has set up as my mum first helped me make this pattern while teaching me to sew- very grateful! And the fabric is this lovely soft rayon. 

 Having said all that, it's passable enough and will I wear it again? Probably yes, I can't let it have the last laugh! 
That's right dress, who's laughing now?!


  1. Ohhhh but that dress is BEAAAAUTIFUL! Please do wear it again, it is lovely.

  2. It looks really nice on you, and I love the fabric!

  3. Thanks for the support, its well needed in the matter of this dress!

  4. It looks well worth the struggle! The finished project is fantastic!

  5. I think it looks lovely. The fabric is gorgeous.

  6. Thanks lovelies. I'm not sure it was worth the struggle (!) but the fabric is nice.

  7. I think it looks really nice, but I totally know what you mean cause I've had projects like that, too!
    If it's any consolation, the pattern is an old mail order pattern, and I've had some horrible experiences with some I've sewn, too! Fit/construction/things not lining up... some work out great and some just are a bit of a puzzle!


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