Friday, 2 December 2011

The curtain coat

I've had this curtain knocking around the house for ages, it was a gift from a student at least a year ago. Around that time I think I cut a skirt out from it and then never made it, I did make a few purses and bags from it but now the piece de la resistance! The curtain coat (ok its a jacket but it doesnt really work so well with the alliteration!).

Its "Home sweet Home" week over at The Sew Weekly and so I thought it would be a good opportunity to use this curtain- get a little recycling karma and also test out some jacket making. A while ago I completely poached Joanne's idea to make a Trudy coat and haven't done much about it since then but I had seen this pattern on burdastyle and thought I could alter it a bit for the trudy coat; I also liked it as is and thought it looked a bit coco -ish.
Unfortunately when it came to making the actual thing I couldnt find the pattern amongst the sewing chaos so I drafted a quick one from a bodice block I had. It's true, the neck is a bit gapey and the back is a little loose but for a first jacket ever, hell yes, I'm impressed by myself!

And I made lining. Cool right? Its not even difficult. I'm so happy with the lining, sooooo happy. It's a bit of a cheat because the lining is not household fabric but some lovely soft, wool that, again, I got at a bargain.


  1. Beautiful!

  2. LOVE, lOve, love your curtain coat! That bow at the back is so pretty too!

  3. Ah that's gorgeous! Well done missus - have done NOTHING since my last post on the rudy coat! I love the colours and the lining looks awesome :)

  4. What a great choice of style for the fabric, it looks lovely.

  5. Thanks everyone, lovely to have your thoughts.

  6. Can you do a tutorial on how to add lining to a jacket it seems so hard for me.

  7. Anonymous- its really easy, i was worried it was going to be difficult and so was putting off making a jacket but no, simple! All you do is make the pattern again, without the facing pieces and with an ease pleat (see threads)- and then sew right sides together, leaving hem and arm hems open, then hand stitch. Have a look at this for ideas. Hope this helps.

  8. The jacket looks great! I love that it was made from curtains.. very Sound of Music- but much more stylish! I agree it looks like a Chanel number.

  9. Sound of music!! My favourite, huge compliment, thanks!


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