Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Darling Collective

A friend of mine, back home in gray old London, has started a very cool new business. You know how I'm not really into big business, well this is just the kind of small independent thing I do like. It's called the Darling Collective and it lists a variety of different services all run by non corporate, non standard, one-off businesses. They list classes, food related fun, arts and craftsy stuff, and wellness and health services- and all these services are tested by them and then offered to you.
I like it, I think its a great idea. In a massive city like London it's hard to cut through the media crap and huge piles of things on the internet; its really nice to think there is a service out there, run by like-minded people who are trying to promote small businesses. Its tough being small and they are recognising that and bringing everyone together just like in a little commune of making, creating, learning and feeling good. Londoners, you should really have a look.
The best part about it though is that they asked me to do a guest blog. Isn't that nice? And so to give everyone in London a little taste of my "Old Fashioned" Beirut life, I did it. Over here.
What do you think? Would you use such a service?

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