Monday, 19 August 2013

Owning up to my shameful hoard.

This is a shameful post, everyone: I'm going to reveal my dirty hoarding secret.
I've lived in Beirut almost 4 years so packing up to go home is a bloody pain-in-the-arse of an undertaking. I knew I had collected a lot of fabric, when I first arrived here I got way too excited if I saw anything I vaguely liked and would just buy my go-to amount of 2 metres. In the last year I've barely bought anything and have been a pretty prolific maker but there is still this....

The personal stash that will be coming with me...
This is the sorted pile.... In my head it's all earmarked for certain projects and I know what it will one day become I swear!

And I am getting rid of this....

Labeled and ready for sale.
 Yep, I've got some serious fabric stash.

But it's all got to go.

If you're around come by on Wednesday evening (21st)from 5pm and get some serious bargains...because shamefully, it's not just fabric I've hoarded but buttons and trims and ......well, come see for yourself!


  1. OWwwww... Too bad I'm living too faar! I also have a "shame closet", but not this much hahaha!!!
    Some are really beautiful!

  2. Ha....don't make me feel more guilty than I already do! Got rid of almost all of it though, so no more!

  3. A kindred heart, I too am a fabric hoarder, yes.. I admit it. And somehow I am ok with it. If only we were not separated by an ocean, I could certainly give your some of your fabric a new home. There are some beautiful pieces there.

  4. I understand you relocated now to London, but would you mind pointing out some good fabric locations in Beirut?


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